Hinemoa Stitchers

Saturday’s | 10:00am-1:00pm

4th February, 15th April, then 1st Saturday of each month

Embroidery & cross stitch group

Contact christine.macmanus@xtra.co.nz or 021 0237 4606

Creative Sparks Kids Art Classes

Tuesday | 3:30-5:00pm

9-weeks | 14th Feb – 4th April

For ages 6-13 years

-Fun, creative art classes involving a variety of styles, subjects and art materials throughout the term.

– Acrylic paint, water-colour, pastels, drawing, crafts and more!

-All materials provided. Take a body of work home.

-limited spaces available.

-For more information www.creative-sparks.co.nz

Kids Learn to Sew | Next Steps

Wednesday | 3:30-5:00pm

9-weeks | 8th Feb – 5th April

For ages 9+

If you have used a sewing machine before but would like to be more confident, then this class is your you.

We will continue with some fun simple project following the interest of the group. We will continue to get to know the sewing machine and gain more control as we make our items in a fun relaxed atmosphere.

Book here.

Kids Learn to Sew

Wednesday | 5:15-6:45pm

9-weeks | 8th Feb – 5th April

For ages 9+

Come along and learn how to sew. We will start with some hand sewing and button sewing skills and then move onto the sewing machine for some fun projects.

We will make a tote bag, party crown and zip pouch, but I will adapt to the skill and interest of the group.

We have a fun, relaxed, and positive atmosphere where we can learn new skills and make some fun things, oh and make new friends!

Everyone will be able to work at their own pace.

Sewing is an important skill to learn. I believe once you can master the sewing machine then you can learn to sew anything.

Book here.

LEGO® Robotics STEAM Education Classes

Friday | 3:30-4:30pm

8-week course – 10th February – 31st March

LEGO based Engineering and Robotics classes

Bricks 4 Kidz® After-School STEAM classes are an enriching experience that build on the universal popularity of LEGO® to deliver innovative hands-on STEAM education programmes. Our FUN & EDUCATIONAL LEGO® Robotics STEAM after school classes teach critical developmental skills to create future problem solvers and innovators!

Our unique STEAM curriculum prepares your children for the future! Kids explore the hands-on fun of model-building, from concept to completion. Each week they build new & unique models while exploring principles of science, technology, engineering, arts and math’s.

Watch your children grow with us as they develop creativity, problem solving, critical thinking skills and a growth mindset for the future.

We provide experience-based STEAM education programmes in 60+ schools across the Aotearoa New Zealand.

Book here

Highbury Walking Collective

Saturday 11th February | New Year’s Walk | 9am

Description: We’ll start off the Walking Collective for 2023 with a gentle exploration of the area around Highbury Community House followed by morning tea and a chat back at the house. This walk will include an Extreme Noticing activity. Wear suitable shoes for walking in the bush. All welcome!

Saturday 25th February | Birkenhead Sunrise Photo Walk | 7am

Route: Highbury House – Birkenhead Village – Highbury House (1.5 hours)

Description: We’ll be exploring our local area on foot with the goal of creating a collection of unique picture postcard photos. Bring a camera! After the walk we’ll head back to the house for morning tea and a chat. Our collection of postcards will then be displayed at Highbury Community House and shared with two other walking collectives in Birmingham, UK, and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This walk will be pram, bicycle and wheelchair friendly. All welcome!

Saturday 11th March | Art Walk | 9am

Description: We’ll be joined by Highbury House art teacher Pippa who will share her personal insights on observing the world around us during our walk. Then we’ll head back to the house for morning tea and a chat. Art created during or after this walk will be displayed at Highbury House. This walk will be pram, bicycle and wheelchair friendly. All welcome!

Saturday 25th March | Twilight Walk | 7pm

Route: Highbury House – Chelsea Heritage Park – Highbury House (1.5 hours)

Description: For this micro-adventure we will be walking down to Chelsea Heritage Park and back during sunset and will experience the different phases of twilight (civil, nautical, and astronomical) as we walk. We’ll also be noticing the different sounds we can hear at twilight. Wear suitable shoes/attire and bring a torch. All welcome!

Highbury Walking Collective

Saturday 11th & 18th February | 2:00-3:30pm

Adult and Child collaborative art class over two consecutive weekends working on expressive painting and collage.

Ages 7 – 105 welcome!

Session 1 – making your own painted collage paper and the first stage of developing an expressive painting using automatic flow

Session 2 – the second stage of working on your expressive painting using deliberate mark making plus using your finished piece as inspiration to make a collage

Each adult will work with the child that they are accompanying in order to develop pieces of art together.

Book here **please note this price is for both dates, plus both child & adult

Vinyl Record Sale

Saturday 11th & 18th February, 4th & 18th March| 10am-1pm

Vinyl Record Sale at Highbury House, 110 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead. Hundreds of 2nd hand LP’s in GREAT condition and at unbeatable prices. Free entry and free parking. EFTPOS PAYWAVE or CASH.

Sunday Social

Sunday 19th February, 26th March & 30th April | 4-6pm

Inclusive, friendly space for ages 13-18. Meet new people, make friends & have fun.

19th February | Pride Celebration

26th March | Slow Fashion

30th April | Art Project

Sleep Workshop

Monday 20th February & Wednesday 15th March | 6-8pm

This two-hour workshop with Sarah Bartlett will:

take you beyond common sleep tips

explain the critical part your nervous system plays

highlight the need to address sleep issues on several levels

give you some simple tools you can start using right away

For more information contact Sarah on 021 1034 939 or visit her website: www.inside-out.nz

Contemporary Embroidery for Beginners

Friday 24th February| 5:30-8:00pm

This is a beginner’s one-day workshop (2.5 hours) where the students will be introduced to the techniques of embroidery learn the basic stitches and practice with different types of fibers such as thread, embroidery floss, and wool, among others. Students can bring their own t-shirts or jeans to start their own projects, making embroidery a contemporary practice to be used in different ways!

At the end of the class, students will have practice on their own stitch sampler and they will start applying what they have learned to their own embroidery design.

Book here.

Mini-Preneur Market

Saturday 25th February | 9:00am-12:00pm

Its time for the kids to get creative at our popular mini-preneur market.

Let your imagination run wild coming up with a stall selling whatever you want.

If you are interested in being a part of this fun market, please email admin@highburyhouse.org.nz

Birkenhead Repair Cafe

Saturday 25th March | 9:00am – 12:00pm

ADDRESS: St Andrew’s Church, 172 Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead

Do you have small item that needs to be repaired?

A broken kettle, necklace or hem on your favourite dress is unraveled.

Bring them along to our Repair Cafe; We have various volunteers who are donating their time to repair your items that you have been storing away not knowing what to do with them.

Accepted on the day will be small appliances, general repairs, jewellery & clothing.

There will be a children’s activity, tea and coffee for that neighbourly chat and a talk on book repairing.


  • Any clothing that you bring will need to be washed.
  • Please bring anything that you need fixed to your broken item, for example a new zip or new plug attachment.

Babysitting Workshop

Wednesday 19th April | 9:30am-3:00pm

This course is designed to give teens from 14years, the knowledge and skills to babysit children of all ages. It’s written for first time babysitters, so you don’t need to have previous experience to enrol. It uses fun and informative videos, quizzes and activities divided into nine modules. The course takes around 2-3 hours to complete over three weeks.

In the course you’ll learn:

  • the role of the babysitter, including the expectations of the families they are working for
  • child safety, including emergency situations, and basic first aid
  • ages and stages of children from birth to school age, their basic needs and their care
  • professional behaviour including presentation
  • how to engage with children of different ages, including activities for each age group and
  • behavioural information
  • how to get a babysitting job.

Book here.

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