Marlene Hitchcock – Co-Supervisor

Marlene, mother of two, grandmother of four, Co-Supervisor of Highbury House After School Care for over 20 years.  Marlene has built After School Care into the great programme it is today.  Her extensive experience has ensured the running of this programme, and as maintained its popularity and esteemed reputation.  Marlene is a well-liked and respected leader, and a pivotal member of After School Care.  Marlene has watched many children grow into adult-hood over the years, and finds this one of the most rewarding aspects to the programme.

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Elisa Hodgkinson – Co-Supervisor

Elisa, mother of one, Co-Supervisor, has been with Highbury House After School Care for 6 years.  Elisa has come from an extensive administration background, and uses these skills in the daily planning, organising and running of our programme.  She is involved with the Highbury House Committee, and works in close conjunction with them.  Elisa enjoys watching the children benefit from a fun and creative programme.

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Nicki Everett – Art Teacher

Nicki, mother of two, is a qualified art teacher.  She takes on various art projects with the children teaching them the creative process step-by-step.  We are lucky to have an art tutor in our programme for the children.  Nicki works outside the box by spending extra time finding resources and planning activities.  Nicki is always happy to assist in any extra tasks required.

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Trish Collis – Registered nurse

Trish, a mother of four, and qualified nurse is also an avid tennis player and brings her sporty energy to After school Care.  Trish is excellent at running outdoor activities, but also brings a nurturing side to the programme by spending one-on-one time with the children.  Trish also contributes some fabulous planning ideas and activities.

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Neha Menezes

Our youngest team member, Neha is a university student and use to attend Highbury After School Care during her primary school years. Neha is well liked by the children and her peers, and loves to spend time interacting with the children on a one-on-one basis.  Neha brings a youthful and creative aspect to the team.